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What really happens when women make up more than 50% of the workforce?

Women in workforce

Cover of The Economist 2010

Have you noticed that the position of women in the workforce is actually declining, despite all the upbeat news to the contrary?

A major Australian corporation has a reputation of being ‘a bit of a boys’ club’ but, until recently, they’d been able to refute that perception.

No more.

Over the latter part of 2012, just about all the senior women were ‘encouraged’ out of the organisation, or effectively demoted.

Women still get paid less

In the news recently in Australia: women graduates’ starting salary is, on average, $5,000 less than that of male graduates.

You may accept that most of this disparity is due to industry choice. However, this recent post from the Harvard Business Review blog, Six Paradoxes Women Leaders Face in 2013, refutes this old chestnut.

Over the last six months, anecdotal evidence from overseas certainly suggests that women are being targeted unfairly and losing their jobs. Women are describing what’s happening to them as ‘a modern-day witch hunt’.

What have you noticed in your industry? Do you feel that women are being singled out?


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