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Thanks to Belinda Weaver of Copywrite Matters, I’ve been able to work on some great jobs with lovely clients. The Classic Blinds and Shutters website was a joy to do, with both Belinda and the marketing company, Green Chilli Marketing, being so receptive to my ideas. So, too, for the Overflow Café in Mt Waverton; lovely job. Both sets of clients knew exactly what they wanted so I could deliver the goods without any hassles.

However, not all clients are able to tell you want they really want. Not all clients understand the copywriting process (or the SEO consequences of plagiarism). If a client offers examples of websites that he or she likes, and asks you to emulate the tone, all well and good. Recently, however, we had a client who not only provided website examples, but also, wanted almost exact replicas. He wasn’t familiar with the usual protocols of using a copywriter and, as a result, thought he could ask for a major change on the third round of edits.

If you’re thinking of using a copywriter for your marketing or advertising copy, ensure that you’re given the chance to fill out a comprehensive creative brief. If you have any ideas you want incorporated on your website or brochure copy, then the creative brief is your opportunity to let the copywriter know. We want our clients to be happy with what we deliver but we depend on our clients to tell us what they feel and need.

Do you have any suggestions regarding how to use a copywriter?


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