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It seems everyone is trying to jump on the social media bandwagon. Many small businesses (and large, too, for that matter) take to social media with an urgency that ensures that the strategy isn’t well researched and they haven’t measures in place to assess the value of their investment. This article from Mashable.com, “14 Best Practices for Long-Term Social Media Success” helps take away some of the mystery and offers practical suggestions for how to manage your social media platform. To the 14 suggestions, I’d add one other. If possible, give your customer something for nothing or establish a rewards points system. With the current ‘gameification’ of many areas, consumers expect rewards, even if they have to ‘work’ for them by filling out a form or clicking a ‘Like’ button. It’s also worth adding a few newsworthy links; for example, How to follow the royal wedding online.


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