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Find your inner tank

Sometimes, we need an impartial observer to show us our real strengths.

A few weeks ago I participated in a personal development program in north Queensland. It was a wonderful experience, with participants from all over the world gathered together to work and play.

The program itself was a combination of classroom-based discussion and smaller work groups that joined with the local community to help create better facilities for the local population.

At the end of the week, work group buddies gave feedback to each other; first impressions, the qualities you observed and so on.

My feedback to one woman (we’ll call her Anja) was: ‘You’re like a bulldozer (in a good way!) You’re determined and focused on really making this program work for you and everyone involved.’

Later that evening, she confessed that, in her first year at university, her tutor had mentioned another girl at the same college. ‘This girl does everything; gets all her work done early, strives for excellence, gets involved in all the programs she can – she’s like a tank.’

Said Anja passionately: ‘I wanted to be that girl; I wanted to be the tank…and now you’ve told me I’m a bulldozer. I made it.’

Well, she didn’t just get to being a tank/bulldozer in the week we were all together. Anja simply didn’t recognise her ‘inner tank’.

When we’re task-focused and a bit fearful, we may not be able to recognise our better qualities. These days we tend to concentrate on ‘fixing’ the negative rather than accentuating the positive.

Not everyone has the luxury of taking a week out of their lives and learn from others about what makes them lovable and worthy.

Maybe it’s time to give yourself a break and recognise the good within yourself.


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