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Not necessarily in order of importance but these are my top innovation picks for the moment.

1. A 3-D Printed House That Grows Like Human Bone

Fast Company November 2012

Using a biologically inspired algorithm, SoftKill demonstrates an exciting new path for large, 3-D printed structures.

2. App That Turns Any Surface Into An iPhone Keyboard

Fast Company November 2012

An astonishing app uses an iPhone’s accelerometer to sense the location of a tap on any surface and translate it into typed letters on a keyboard.

3. Scanadu Will Turn Your Smartphone Into A Diagnostic Clinic

Fast Company November 2012

As his son recovered from a traumatic brain injury, Walter De Brouwer was prototyping a device that could upend the broken healthcare system. His product, Scanadu, turns your smartphone into a powerful diagnostic device.

4. World’s first recycled plastic asphalt paving trialled in Vancouver

Via Springwise 20 November 2012

The City of Vancouver has created a plastic-based asphalt, which it is testing for paved roads in the Canadian metropolis.

5. Frequent flyer miles donated to those who wish to visit sick relatives

Via Springwise 20 November 2012

The Extra Mile hopes to collect frequent flyer miles from those who don’t use them so that friends and family of the terminally ill can visit their loved ones.

6. Solar Gardens: Power to the People

I’ve been looking for a model like this for Australia. Sadly, no-one seems to have run with this idea yet.

With solar gardens, or community-owned solar power, neighbors team up to buy panels and share the benefits of renewable energy through virtual net metering.

By Staff, Utne Reader
September/October 2012

7. Dinosaur-inspired upgrades add bite to wind turbines

New Scientist, 15 September 2012 by Jesse Emspak

Siemens has unveiled three designs for enhancing the aerodynamics of turbine blades that improve efficiency and help them to run more quietly.

8. World’s first low-water, low-energy vertical farm in Singapore

Springwise 14 November 2012

Vertical gardens have been around for a few years now but Singapore’s Sky Greens vertical farm goes beyond basic vertical garden design.

The Sky Greens vertical farm in Singapore is the world’s first low-water, low-energy urban food production space. Hoping to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign food, the garden can produce 500kg of vegetables per day in the 120 nine-meter aluminium towers that make up the farm.

 9. Helmet sensor notifies contacts when it detects a crash

Springwise 03 October 2012

Crash Sensor is a small device that mounts onto any helmet and alerts emergency contacts when it detects a crash.

 10. World’s first crowd-funded skyscraper in Columbia offers investors a share in profits

Springwise September 2012

The BD Bacatá project aims to hand over power to the future inhabitants of a skyscraper by getting them to invest in its development.

And now for something completely different…

For parting couples, a custom newspaper announces the divorce to friends and family

Springwise 26 September 2012-11-28

The Divorce Newspaper is a Japanese innovation that helps broadcast news of a breakup quickly and efficiently to friends and loved ones.

So…these are my top picks for the last couple of months. Have you seen anything that you think could be game-changing?


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