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“At first, Web 2.0 seemed like a perfect two-way street. We were all in it together. Fast forward just a handful of years, though, and something has gone very, very wrong with that particular social contract… The real problem of Web 2.0 — whether it takes the form of SEO-driven “news” or crowd-sourced accommodation [is to make money]. To make money — real money — at this game you have to attract millions, or tens of millions, of users. And when you’re dealing with those kinds of numbers, it’s literally impossible not to treat your users as pieces of data.”

The preceding is an excerpt from an article by Paul Carr writing for TechCrunch. It’s worth reading the complete article for his thoughts on the lack of humanity sometimes displayed by the new wave of entrepreneurs.


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Only if you’ve been living under a rock would you have failed to hear about or read about the infamous YouTube video by Rebecca Black. Scorned by the general public, nevertheless, the video went viral in March and, due to the payment system in place with Apple iTunes® and YouTube, Black now stands to make millions from her mother’s initial investment of US$2,000. On another note, a “children’s book for adults” by Adam Mansbach hit the number-one spot on Amazon’s best-seller list although it isn’t due in shops until June. Mansbach’s book, “Go the F**k to Sleep”, began as a joke Facebook post. Thanks to a pirated pdf of the book that went viral, Mansbach and his publisher, Brooklyn press Akashic, have little need for further publicity. Both these instances illustrate ways in which the internet is disrupting the usual models. In the latter case, piracy has proven to be a boon for the book by building a fanbase before the hard copy becomes available. Keep an eye out for further disruptions.

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