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With my proofreading jobs, I’m asked often to ‘Australianise’ copy that comes from the United States so I’m used to looking out for tricky words. However, it’s not only copy that comes directly from the United States that you need to watch; it’s also copy from your own copywriters. Apart from the obvious ‘-ize/-ise’ spellings, there are many words that need to be checked in copy.

Here are my top ten errors:

British            American

Adviser            Advisor (Writers are tricked because of ‘advisory’.)

Kerb                Curb

Ageing             Aging (Usually, the ‘e’ is dropped in American spelling.)

Fulfil                Fulfill (and ‘instill’, ‘handfull’ and so on.)

Towards          Toward (although both use ‘forward’ as in ‘to go forward’.)

Centre             Center

Any time          Anytime

Focused           Focussed

Travelled          Traveled

Jewellery          Jewelry

To a good proofreader, the above are like red lights in copy. They’re easy to spot and disposed of quickly.

Happy reading.


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